Earth Grounding for Health

Earth Grounding is the daily healthful habit of directly connecting ourselves to Earth’s energy. While Earth Grounding is as primal as walking barefoot on grass, recent scientific research verifies that regular Earth Grounding leads to numerous health and wellness benefits. Earth Grounding nightly, as you sleep, improves your body’s own innate healing processes.

 Tired? Earthgrounding helps you sleep! Order our BWG  Half Sheet  and Sleep Well.

Tired? Earthgrounding helps you sleep! Order our BWG Half Sheet and Sleep Well.


Touch the Earth, Tell Your Story

So you've been grounding to the earth and feeling better? How has touching the earth affected you? Would you like to share your earth-grounding wellness story with us, our website viewers, and customers, informing our readership about the differences that earth grounding is making in your daily life and wellness? We are offering a free earth-grounding product (quantities limited to 10 people per month) to those whose earth grounding experience is authentic and would be helpful to others. Briefly tell how you've used earth grounding devices (sheets, mats, pillowcases etc), or the earth itself. What effects did earth grounding have on your health and wellness? Or, just share with us the very strong reason why you want to try earth grounding, if you haven't yet tried an earth grounding device. Contact us at

This is a limited time offer and quantities are limited. Limited to residents of the continental U.S. only. One per household or address. Offer may expire or change without prior notice.

If your story brief is accepted, we will notify you by email, asap.